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Cycloid pump and gear pump advantages and disadvantages

2019-04-19 15:50:00        0

  The advantages and disadvantages of cycloid pumps and gear pumps. The gear pump has an independent motor drive, which can effectively block the upstream pressure pulsation and flow fluctuations. In addition to the self-priming ability of the gear pump, the flow rate is independent of the pressure and pressure. There is no suction valve and discharge valve on the shell, which has the advantages of simple structure, uniform flow and reliable operation, but its low efficiency, large noise and vibration, and easy wear are its inevitable disadvantages. The cycloid pump also uses the change of the sealing volume between the teeth to realize the oil suction and pressure oil. It is composed of oil distribution plate (front and rear cover), outer rotor (driven wheel) and inner rotor (driven wheel) eccentrically placed in the pump body. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of cycloid pumps and gear pumps will be introduced in detail.


The advantages and disadvantages of cycloid pump:

Advantage of cycloid pump: high efficiency, low noise and low wear。

1) Simple structure, compact, small size and small quality. Since the suction and discharge chambers do not use isolation elements, the number of parts is small. The rotor can be manufactured by powder metallurgy, which can reduce the amount of machining, save steel, reduce weight, and reduce costs.

2) Smooth operation, low noise and long life. Because the rotors are internally meshed and rotate in the same direction, and there is only one tooth difference, the relative sliding speed at the tooth profile between the two rotors is very small, and the friction and wear of the tooth surface of the gear oil pump are also small. In addition, the angle of the oil suction window 6 and the oil pressure window is larger than that of the gear pump, which is close to 145 '. The oil absorption and discharge are sufficient to avoid the phenomenon of air suction, so the operation is stable, the life is long, and the noise is very low.

3) Good speed characteristics。 High volumetric efficiency。 Because the cycloidal rotor pump uses internal gearing, axial oil supply, the rotor size is small, the relative speed of the internal and external rotors is small, and the angle of the oil distribution window is large, the oil absorption and discharge are sufficient, and the liquid centrifugal force generated by the rotor rotating at high speed can The oil is filled between the teeth without cavitation, so it can be used for high-speed operation。 Commonly used speed is 1000-2000r / min, high can reach 5000r / min or more。 Therefore, the same size rotor pump can achieve greater displacement after the speed is increased, and the higher the speed, the higher the volumetric efficiency 。

Cycloid pump disadvantages: large volume, especially large projection area, especially for some engines that require the smallest height possible.


The advantages and disadvantages of gear pumps:

The advantages of gear pumps: small size, light weight, small pressure fluctuations, the disadvantage is that the noise is slightly larger, and the wear is also greater. Some engines can even see the knocking marks on the gears after the endurance test (because the reciprocating piston internal combustion engine does not continuously do work. So when a cylinder fires, it will give the gear pump through the crankshaft, transmission chain or gear Of the rotor)

1。 Simple and compact structure, small size, light weight, good manufacturability and cheap price;

青海快32. Strong self-suction, insensitive to oil pollution, large speed range, and resistant to impact loads;

3. Convenient maintenance and reliable work;

青海快3Disadvantages of gear pump:

1. The end cover and the grooves between the teeth constitute many fixed sealed working chambers, which can only be used as quantitative pumps;

2。 Radial force imbalance, large flow artery movement, and large noise;

3. The efficiency is low, the interchangeability of parts is poor, it is not easy to repair after wear, and it cannot be used as a variable pump.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of cycloid pumps and gear pumps. After years of development, gear pumps and cycloid pumps have made great progress, and they can basically meet the needs and work requirements of the market. Although there are still some shortcomings, but in the work of professionals and scientific researchers, the shortcomings of cycloid pumps and gear pumps will definitely be improved.

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