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Manufacturer of hydraulic vane pumps, the trend focuses on environmental protection

2018-01-18 17:35:00        0

  Hydropneumatic technology has unique advantages, such as: hydraulic technology has the advantages of large power-to-weight ratio, small size, high frequency response, good controllability of pressure and flow, flexible transmission of power, easy to achieve linear motion, etc. It has the advantages of no pollution, low cost, safety and reliability, and simple structure. It is easy to combine with microelectronics and electrical technology to form an automatic control system. Therefore, hydraulic and pneumatic technology is widely used in various sectors of the national economy. But in recent years, hydropneumatic technology has faced competition with mechanical transmission and electrical transmission. Therefore, the main development trend of hydraulic pressure:

  1。 Improve efficiency:

1. Adopting energy-saving technology, the variable adjustment of the hydraulic pump adopts pressure compensation, load sensing system, so that it has the function of flow adaptive control and automatic compensation of load pressure;

2. Develop new sealing and anti-friction materials, improve the design method of oil film lubrication between relatively moving parts, effectively reduce lubrication leakage loss, and increase volumetric efficiency;

3。 Adopt advanced design concepts to minimize power loss during energy transmission;

4。 Use volume speed instead of throttle speed control; 5 use the existing advanced technology, such as the use of AC frequency conversion speed control motor to drive the quantitative hydraulic pump, to achieve the purpose of system energy saving。

Second, focus on system design:

1. Under the premise of satisfying the performance, realize the simplification, integration and modularization of the system to improve the reliability, operability and easy maintenance of the system;

青海快32. Fully consider the environmental protection requirements for energy saving of the system;

3. Drawing on the research achievements of electronics, control, computer and network technology, improve the level of electromechanical-hydraulic integration technology to meet the development direction requirements of modern production equipment automation and intelligent tendency network.

Third, pay attention to environmental protection:

1。 Reducing noise and reducing the noise of the hydraulic pump is mainly to improve the structural design of the pump to make the fluid flow smooth, reduce the pressure pulsation, and improve the structural rigidity of the hydraulic pump casing and the distribution system to reduce the vibration caused by its deformation。 Another is to solve the system application noise caused by the unreasonable overall system design;

2. Biodegradable hydraulic oil, seeking replacement products of mineral-based hydraulic oil, development of biodegradable hydraulic oil and pure water hydraulic system are new trends in the development of hydraulic technology, which has been highly regarded by the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries in the world Value. According to expert predictions, in the next 10 years, most of the mineral hydraulic oil used in mobile machinery will be replaced by biodegradable hydraulic oil; 3. Water hydraulic transmission: water hydraulic components integrate hydraulic transmission power density and pneumatic transmission clean and cheap The advantages of the system have attracted much attention and become a major frontier topic in the field of hydraulic technology today. At present, companies such as Japan, Denmark and Germany have developed hydraulic pumps and control valves with more complete specifications.

4. It is understood that increasing working pressure: increasing working pressure will reduce the weight and volume of hydraulic components, which will increase the power-to-mass ratio and power-to-volume ratio. This has strict requirements on aviation and aerospace in terms of weight and volume. , Mobile machinery and ships and other applications in the field of engineering are more important, which will enable the host to achieve light weight, miniaturization and energy saving. This is an inevitable trend.

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