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What are the symptoms of a broken oil pump, how to judge that the oil pump is almost broken

2019-11-08 16:25:00        0

  What are the symptoms of a broken oil pump? The oil pump often has problems, but it does not solve the problem and it often happens. Most people do not have a deep understanding of the oil pump. The most exposed is the gasoline pump. The common symptoms of the gasoline pump are There are many situations such as insufficient fuel supply and no fire. The following editors have compiled some content of oil pump problems for your reference.



What are the symptoms of a broken oil pump

Insufficient fuel supply of the gasoline pump: The fuel supply of the gasoline pump depends on the stroke of the pump membrane. If the stroke is large, the amount of pump oil should be large; There must be more, if the engine consumes more fuel, but the actual fuel supply is less, this situation is that the fuel supply of the gasoline pump is insufficient, and the oil level of the carburetor float chamber will decrease and the engine power will be insufficient.

Difficult to start the vehicle: the car needs to start and light 2 to 5 times in succession before the vehicle can get into the vehicle。 When the fuel pump is energized, the fuel pump works to supply fuel to the engine。 When the pressure of the oil pipe reaches a certain pressure, the engine can only get into the vehicle。 Under normal circumstances, it takes 1-3S to reach the rated pressure from 0KPA。

How to judge that the gasoline pump is about to break?

1. Weak acceleration and a sense of frustration when refueling;

2. It is not easy to start when starting, it takes a long time to key;

3. Abnormal noise, there is a buzzing abnormal noise while driving;

4。 The engine failure light is on;

5。 Engine jitter。


See if the oil pump rotates. If not, it is the problem here. If so, look at the starter motor for the retraction and ejection of the driving teeth. If not, the excitation coil of the starter motor. Question, if there is, check if there is anything blocked in the fuel filter. Furthermore, there will be such a problem if the engine oil is not available. The specific situation depends on the real thing. Your is the poor contact of the oil pump. Just check the pins of the oil pump.

Connect the oil pressure gauge to see if the engine can establish an oil pressure of about 250KPa and whether the oil pressure builds quickly. If the oil pressure can be established normally, the oil pump can work. Then turn off the engine ignition switch to see if the oil pressure is quickly drained (whether the oil pressure drops quickly) to determine whether the pressure relief valve of the oil pump is normal (normal oil pressure can be maintained so that the next time the engine starts normally).

If your car has these symptoms, it is likely that the gasoline pump is almost broken, but other failures cannot be ruled out.

The cause of damage to the oil pump:

1。 Poor oil quality, when the oil quality is poor, the fuel tank will be filled with various impurities or foreign objects。 Although the oil pump has a layer of filter screen to filter gasoline, it can only block large particles of impurities, small particles of impurities Suction of the oil pump motor will cause damage to the oil pump for a long time。

青海快32。 Not refueling in time, some people have the habit of waiting to refuel until the oil lamp is on。 Be aware that always doing so will cause the oil pump to be in a lesser position, without adequate cooling and lubrication, and will cause the electric pump motor to overheat and stop。 。

3。 The gasoline filter has not been replaced for a long time, and the fuel supply system of the gasoline filter is severely blocked, which results in laborious pump oil and long-term high-load conditions causing damage to the gasoline pump。


  The reasons for the breakdown of the car's oil pump, many car owners will have doubts about the damage of the car's oil pump, then what is the cause of the damage of the car's oil pump? Unreasonable behavior during refueling may cause damage to the oil pump. When refueling the car, the owner should try not to wait for the fuel alarm light to turn on before refueling. This will shorten the service life of the fuel pump. Too little oil storage or fuel exhaustion may burn the fuel pump. Try not to refill the car at once. If you often drive in the urban area and it is more convenient to refuel, you do not need to refill it at once, because it may cause oil float and sensor failure, fuel gauge distortion and increase fuel consumption.

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