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What is the high temperature gear oil pump?

2019-06-29 17:05:00        0

  What is a high temperature gear oil pump? A high temperature oil pump refers to a miniature DC gear pump that has high temperature resistance, high head and medium flow. At present, there are constant temperature or low temperature gear oil pumps on the market, and the gear oil pumps are also divided into brushes and brushless. The advantages of brushed DC pumps are low cost, high head, and strong self-priming ability. However, the main disadvantages are mainly electric The brush has poor wear resistance and a short service life. Some of them are of integrated design. After the brush is damaged, it can only be scrapped and cannot be repaired.




Secondly, when the water temperature reaches above 80'C, the internal material is deformed due to high temperature resistance, the head, flow rate and self-priming are seriously affected, and the scope of use is limited. Another type of brushless miniature DC pump, because it does not have the material that does not withstand high temperature, only one impeller, so the heat resistance is greatly improved. But the head is very low, the flow rate is small, there is no self-priming ability, and it must be used when the pump body is filled with water, and the scope of use is limited.

Working principle and structure of high temperature gear oil pump:

The working principle of the gear oil pump。 When the gear of the gear pump rotates, the gear of the oil suction chamber is disengaged, the gear teeth of the gear exit the teeth, increasing the sealing volume and forming a partial vacuum。 The oil suction pipeline and the oil suction cavity enter between the teeth。 As the gear rotates, the oil sucked between the teeth is brought to the other side and enters the pressure chamber。



High temperature resistant brushless DC gear pump, which has a DC motor stator, permanent magnet rotor and gear pump。 The external of the gear pump is connected to the permanent magnet rotor through the shaft。 The permanent magnet rotor is provided with a sealing cover connected to the gear pump。 The rotor is placed in the center of the stator coil of the DC motor stator。 The DC motor stator and the gear pump are tightly connected together by connecting parts; several sets of Hall elements are distributed uniformly around the permanent magnet rotor in the DC motor stator。 The control end of the circuit is connected, and the output end of the amplifier circuit is connected to the stator coil。 Because the current allowed to pass through the Hall element is very small, it is necessary to control the stator coil power supply through the amplifier circuit。 The Hall element has three lead-out pins, one pin is grounded, the other two pins are connected to the control terminal of the amplifier circuit, and the output terminal of the amplifier circuit controls the stator coil to supply power through the on-off mode。

The permanent magnet rotor is coaxially connected with the driving wheel in the gear pump. The sealing cover outside the permanent magnet rotor is fixed to the lower end cover of the gear pump by bolts. The connecting piece is a fixing bolt or screw. Epoxy resin is injected between each stator coil of the DC motor stator. The stator of the DC motor is provided with a serrated fin.

The high temperature brushless gear oil pump adopts a two-part combination method, that is, one part is the stator part of the DC motor, and the other part is the permanent magnet rotor and the gear pump. The stator coil adopts DC power supply, uses the detection and switching function of the Hall element to form a rotating magnetic field, and has no brush. The permanent magnet rotor and the driving wheel of the gear pump are concentric and connected by a shaft. The permanent magnet rotor part protrudes, just installed at the center of the stator coil, aligned with the stator coil, and then sealed in a cavity with a sealing cover.

High temperature resistant gear oil pump advantages:

The high temperature brushless DC gear pump changes the structure of the existing motor。 The permanent magnet rotor is combined with the gear pump and sealed in a cavity, and then embedded in the DC motor stator, using the detection and switching function of the Hall element The formation of a rotating magnetic field and a brushless structure greatly extend the service life of the motor, and its head, flow, and high temperature resistance have been significantly improved。


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